Dubai – The City of Opportunity

Why Invest in Dubai?


Dubai has long since been known as the global city of fascination and opportunity. It has a diverse, expanding economy and investor-friendly government policies are but some of the advantages that attract foreign investors to the UAE. Find out more below.

Dubai has long seen an overwhelming demand for commercial, residential and tourist accommodation, duly capitalising on their own developmental advantages, based on geographic location and tourism potential. Over two thirds of the world’s population live within an 8-hour flight of Dubai and over one-third within 4 hours.

The UAE as a whole, is a very innovative country which has grown at a phenomenal pace, now boasting a thriving economy that includes a booming tourist industry, attracting interest and investment from all over the world. The UAE is now recognised as having one of the most developed economies on the planet, reflected in its GDP per capita and is seen as one of the world’s leading strategic locations for business, trade and investment.

Huge Investor Benefits Include:

  • Tax-free haven - 0% corporate & income tax

  • UAE is politically and economically stable

  • A diverse and expanding, open economy with an extremely stable currency

  • Great strategic location between Europe, Africa & Asia with over 1000 flights daily to most countries worldwide

  • A first class modern infrastructure which includes metros, trams, strong private local and international healthcare facilities

  • Crime rate at an all-time low within all the emirates

  • Dubai is the biggest re-exporting hub in the Middle East, shipping Chinese goods to MENA, CIS, Europe and North America

  • The growth rate forecast for the UAE economy over the coming years is 13% (Source: Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

  • Dubai is hosting the World Expo in 2020 which will attract 25 million visitors and increase the local economy by an expected $19.6 Billion in its 6-month duration

  • Global tourism hub – 14.9 million overseas tourists visited Dubai alone in 2016 (Source: Dubai Tourism)