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United Kingdom

Why invest in the UK?

  • The UK has one of the world's most innovative, entrepreneurial and highly skilled workforces
  • Political stability. Transparency International rated the UK high on the Transparency list, the UK is the country with the least corruption in the world, achieving a higher rating in comparison to the US, Japan, Germany and France
  • Economic stability, the UK was among the best performing of all of the major economies in 2014, with established housing regulations and a very transparent tax system
  • The British pound maintains itself as a 'safe haven' currency (Citigroup)
  • Strong transport links; the UK is known for its world class transport system. The Government has invested heavily in improved Air, Rail Network and Rail Freight infrastructure
  • The UK is home to the top six Universities in Europe, two of which are featured in he top three global Universities
  • The UK population increased by 5 million over the past 12 years, the largest increase of any European country with an estimated population of 64 million
  • The UK offers fantastic investment opportunities nationwide, and is a proven safe and secure place to invest your money
  • London

    The capital of the World where history meets cosmopolitan living and entertainment lies alongside business. London is where the UK’s news and money is made, where the central government resides and is the home of the Royal family. The city of London has an exciting atmosphere and is full of endless opportunities for employment, education, travel and commerce.

    Why invest in London?

    • No.1 European city for business for the 21st year running in 2010
    • Europe’s leading financial centre
    • Hub for global brands and the springboard to Europe
    • World media centre
    • Excellent transport links
    • Thriving world city with Europe’s largest regional workforce
    • London has been transformed over the past 3 years into the world’s favourite property market, there’s never been a better time to buy for your own personal use or as an investment. A London property will always perform.

    Milton Keynes

    Why invest in Milton Keynes?

    • Rated in 2012 as the 'most attractive local authority area in England for investment
    • 35 minutes by train from Central London
    • Served by 5 international airports including London Heathrow and Birmingham
    • 4,500 acres of green spaces, lakes and 20 million trees
    • Surrounded by parkland, canals and woodland walks


    Why invest in Leicester?

    • Leicester is the tenth largest city in the UK, with a population of around 330,000
    • Leicester is known as a student city. Students from the of University of the Leicester and De Montford University account for a student population of over 38,000 which represents 13% of the overall city’s population
    • At the start of 2015, the HomeLet Rental Index placed the city top of the UK rental market, citing a growth in annual yields of 45% making Leicester by far the biggest rental growth spot in the UK (Source: HomeLet Rental Index)

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